Have you any of you guys ever just had an off day when it came to guitar? Like no matter what you just couldn't get the tone you wanted or you couldn't exactly play something right or you weren't playing to your best ability, technical or otherwise. I just had one of those sessions . I went into my room to try to write some riffs the band could work on and I only got one alright one and I couldn't play as fast as I normally do and it was just... off. Stories? Share em.
no doubt about it...one day a few weeks ago maybe cause I was tired, but I was playing with my band, switched to wrong chords, improv solos sounded terrible...i think we all have them, you just hope its not when ur playin live
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ya all the time one day riffs come out so easy and smooth and other day i seems i cant even play
i know what you mean. not to sound cocky, but its not really me sometimes, it usually my rhythm guitarist. he still hasnt learned all the songs, even WITH guitar pro.
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Yeah i have them like once every couple of weeks. I have it more often with Guitar hero tho. Like on through fire and flames i can get through the beginning on expert on some days and others not even close...... still have yet to beat it damnit....... bastards for even making that effin song.......
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