Yep, a cover of a cover. It can be found on my profile. I added what could be considered to be a solo, it's really just a fill. Tell me what you think
The Pit. The Movie.
Hey thanks for checking out my cover. I listened to most of the song, and my computer crashed. From what I got from it, the guitar was pretty nice, but Im not a huge fan of the vocals... I really havent heard the original of this song though, so I cant be more critical than that, sorry.
Hey thanks for critting my muse cover. Sounded good, though i cant actually say i know the song lol. Vocals seem like they need a bit of work but much better than my vocals! and maybe fatten up the tone of the lead guitar a little? it sounds good but overall there seems to be a slightly thin sound, maybe layer overdub the lead guitar on? or some delay (though i wasnt sure if i heard some?).
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