ive been getting help with deciding on a guitar for a while, and ive finally decided on an epiphone les paul ..
i have the option of getting a NEW epiphone les paul studio (worn cherry) for $329 or a REFURBISHED epiphone les paul plus top (black) for $299... now, the transaction will be done online, so im not sure if i should go the refurbished route, or the safer route of getting a new guitar. i understand they sound pretty much the same, but the plus top is quite a looker...
well if you have the extra 30 bucks for the new one then go for it.
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I'd probably get the new one... only a matter of $30. Refurbished guitars are technically new... just a little wear probably. I'm not sure what the color exactly looks like on each, but who knows.
i have the extra cash, but the thing is, the standard is more highly acclaimed than the studio, so im wondering if i should use the opportunity to get the standard
Go for the new, you never know what condition the refurbished one is in.



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oh, i thought they were both studios and one was just a refurbished studio,
um... id go for the standard but idk much about refurbished guitars
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