Ok this is a thread for my friend,i really didnt know where it fits.He is looking to buy pa system/mixer.He plays alot of backyard shows so he wants something nice and cheap.I personally dont know anything about pa systems,but maybe someone here can help him out.He was looking into getting this one...

personally i think its iffy but idk it might be a good deal,but i know theres always better deals out there.I guess his price range is tops 300 dollars,problably willing to go used.I know its not very much but mine as well try and help him lol.
You can get a cheap PA for around $200 at Musician's Friend. It seemed like a nice one for the price. Just do some searching around. Three-hundred dollars isn't bad, but you can score one for around $200.
one question, what do u do with a mixer? i never rlly understood wat it was???
and what does PA stand for???