My friend and I have both been playing guitar for around 8 months now(borderline novice-intermediate level), and we wanted to play a song at our school's "concert" type thing. Only thing is....we have no idea what we want to play. We've been trying to decide for the past month(yeah...) and still have little idea of what we want to play. That's why I've finally decided to ask UG.

So, if anybody could recommend a song for us to play, PLEASE do. It'd be appreciated

By the way, it needs to be a song that everyone will know(or at least like, which is why we're having so much trouble).

And if this doesn't belong here, sorry, I couldn't find out where else to put it
anything from guitar hero
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Please, recommend me any bands or artists of any genre or medium. Paintings, poets, writers, books, paintings, songs, musicians.

Anything, anything at all. Please.
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anything from guitar hero

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Do you have a full band or is it just you two?

Just us, but supposedly we have another friend that can play guitar/drums, and he said he'd help if we needed him.
i don't know your influences...but i say go with "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC....

If you want a song everyone knows (including teachers/parents)... Drift Away - Dobie Gray is a classic. My friend and I were also doing a talent show and were planning on playing that song, but we never made it into the show. Too much competition this year.
get him to play drums

and here are some easy ideas,

Were Not Gonna Take it-Twisted Sisters
Cum On Feel the Noize-Quiet Riot
Blister in the Sun-Violent Femmes
Jump-Van halen

or if its just guitar u could play
Moby Dick\-Led Zeppelin(just guitar parts) or
Blackbird-The beatles
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"- The Beatles. Easy guitar, easy drums, easy vocals, fun song. You might want to follow it with "With A Little Help From My Friends" though, just because the album does that so seamlessly. I recommend playing "With A Little Help From My Friends" the way they did in the movie "Across the Universe", because it has a more Rock feel to it.

Perhaps "Loser"- Beck. Almost everyone knows that song, and it's definitely a crowd pleaser.
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