Im trying to decide on whether
to buy an esp eclipse 2
or getting an ltd ec.
Is there a bigger difference between ltd's
and esp's?
ESP owns LTD. Basically, LTD is ESP's import line. They're good guitars, just not "American made".
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really so they have the same specs but there just made in different countries?
ESP's usually have better hardware, wood, and are built better. basically better in all aspects than LTD, that's why all real ESP's are usually more than $1k.
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some LTDs are just as good as lower end esps but in general American made products have higher quality
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The ESP Eclipse-II is made in ESP's Japan factory. Tight quality control and higher quality woods. The major hardware difference compared to the EC-1000 is that they have 22 frets, Gotoh tuners and bridge, and ebony fretboard.
The Esp should be worth the extra money, so if you can afford it, I think the Eclipse II is the best choice. But if you want to save money the Ltd is a good choice too, it depends on what you expect from the guitar. The Eclipse should have much better quality. I asked myself the same question and decided that I will buy the Esp instead of the Ltd, but now I'm not really sure if I want it because of that they had a Yamaha SBG1000 or 2000 (which was it?) for the same price in the store. I will have to go and try both out.
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Ok,,, I have both,, so this is my thoughts on them.

There is a bit of a sound difference, but I think the fact they both have EMGs make them sound similar.

Yes, the Eclipse does have slightly better hardware (Bridge etc) but the EC1000 is covered in quality hardware too.

It comes down to what you can afford really,

Whether the differences in sound can really be heard by the 95% of people watching you play is unlikely, using non active pickups may make the sound differences more noticeable.

I can certainly recomment the EC1000, it's a quality instrument, but you can tell by playing the ESP that it is just better.
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ESP owns LTD. Basically, LTD is ESP's import line. They're good guitars, just not "American made".

exactly LTD is to ESP like Epiphone is to Gibson