Verse 1

He sits in the corner

Alone more or less

He then calls you over

It's hard to supress

The sorrow you're feeling

The pain sent you reeling

You've nowhere to go

Now reap what you sow


His presece is growing

There's naught in your heart

The world is now slowing

You knew from the start

That right when you met him

He would be the one

To scar you and mame you

And do it in fun

When lonely he stalks you

You look ,nothing's there

He silently mocks you

His name he won't share

Verse 2

While presenting your faults

He scornfully grins

He's holding the cards

He knows he will win

And finally now

He's saved best for last

You ask for his name

He says "My name is Past"

Chorus again