Alright so I bought myself an RR5 back in December, which is amazing, but recently I noticed that when I switch pickups with my toggle switch, the sound cracks. Like, I'll switch to the neck pickup, and the signal will be gone for a sec, or sometimes theres no sound through my neck pickup. So this toggle switch keeps crackling and its really annoying...so is there anything I could do, or should I just take it to a shop for a quick fix?
Open up the cover over the switch and check to see if the solder is on firmly. Also check the switch itself, make sure the contacts are clean.
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I have the same problem with my strat. I have to force the toggle switch as far left as it will go to get any sound out of the neck pup. I took the pickguard off and messed around with the pups and figured I screwed something up.
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