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My dad smokes marijuana, and asked me to pee for him so he could pass a drug test for work. Well my urine is far from clean, but my brother has agreed to let me use his urine. How do I keep it hot enough over night so I can slip it into the cup in the morning for my dad?
piss in the cup in the morning

or keep it in your mouth

it's warm in there
okay so you're dad asked for your urine and you asked your brother for his urine.

this is strange.

but really, maybe heat it up with a thermomitor in it in the morning to body temp so that your dad can use it.

I mean, uh, microwave?
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Haha, that's actually really funny.

Why doesn't your dad just go straight to your brother?

Um what you could do is keep the piss in a bag and then in the morning boil some water, let it cool a little, to piss temperature, then put the bag in the water for a bit till it warms up.
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Microwaving isn't a very good idea. The urine evaporation could potentially be poisonous and your microwave may smell like piss for awhile.
why does it have to be warm?

just have him say he did it a long time ago
...Hide it in your rectum?

That's all I've got, you're on your own.
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wake your bro up like a half hour b4, then have him piss in a ziploc baggy put it in your pocket and then pour it into the cup
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go to just the full spelling of the shortenend term i gave you [idk if im allowed to give out the real link....] and look or post in the forums there it has this info
thermos? say its your morning cup of coffee... or just tell him not to do drugs, but it seems theres quite a strange thing going on in your household so just continue i suppose
keep it in something that is sterile and made of glass, bring a thermometer and a lighter.
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Just go to a head shop and ask for detox products. That stuff really does work.
use tape.

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or u can tape it in a cup or a bag to ur inner thigh and this should keep it body temp, nething else like a slow cooker or whatever would probably over heat it and they'd know it was someone elses
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thermos? say its your morning cup of coffee... or just tell him not to do drugs, but it seems theres quite a strange thing going on in your household so just continue i suppose

Good idea. You could even, keep it in a ziploc bag inside the thermos and pour some warm coffee on top. It'll keep the pee warm and he can show them it's just coffee if someone thinks he's the famed urine smuggler.
get a very small sealed bag and fill it with pee. tape it to the part of your body between your leg and balls(the little indent, and if you have any wieght at all, it makes a little pocket). it'll keep it warm and you'll get it in
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How is your dad going to sneak in a cup of piss into the doctor's office?

That's what I want to know
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Get a condom. Piss in the condom. Close the condom. Tape the condom to your leg. Sleep with the condom strapped to you. Wake up in the morning, and poke a hole into the condom. Proceed to pretend to urinate. Lose the condom. Its really full proof plan.
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