Im building a guitar and i just bought a 2007 fender american strat body. I now need a neck and i want one made in the US so i was wondering if the new 2008 fender strat rosewood necks are good or not. I'm basically trying to build a guitar to look like John mayer's
I've played a fender 2008 strat, and i can't say i noticed any difference in the neck at all from my '05 strat's neck.
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They've been made the same way for a while now. They all have a slightly different profile of course, but there's no difference from a manufacturing standpoint between a 98 neck and an 08.
would this make a good neck if im building a John Mayer/SRV strat. I know Mayer doesn;t use this but still would it get me the sound?
I really like the 08 strats rosewood neck. Something changed about it...It's a darker color and it's very smooth. Perfect for a Mayer/SRV strat, they used Pao Ferro but it's basically the same sound. Won't make much of a difference. The Pick-ups will though.
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PERSONALLY, id go with maple.
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