Hey Pit Monkeys,
I've been looking for a program I can use to skin my computers... interface I suppose it's called. Sorry if I'm using the word wrong, anyhoo, I've been using free trials of StyleXP and WindowBlinds but they both ran out. So to the question I'm really asking, do any of you know any preferably free programs I can use or should I just redownload StyleXP? Any help is much appreciated.

Alienware has some free ones, they are pretty cool.
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if i understand what youre looking for correctly, get tune-up utilities, can customize all you want, and, has some pretty good maintenance tools as well
Tune Up Utilities.
Cleans, restores your computer while allowing you to style it!
You need a key though...
But that's easy to find, we have Google!
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dude my style xp never stopped working, and i had the trial version...


Lucky you, haha I was so happy with it too, I'll try tune-up utilities but keep them coming!


P.S. and yes, lol I have realized my thread title sounds quite kinky