I like setting the output to maximum, repeats to 1, and playing a lick then harmonizing it when it gets played back.
I also set it to delay forever and play a riff then solo to it.

Whats your favorite way to use delay?
I like to use it as a synth sorta sound. simple yet so great. love delay, my fav effect.
im a sucker for the intro in FCPREMIX by the fall of troy

its a palm muted riff, sounds great with delay

that and i make techno like riffs for fun

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I like to set it to a really fast repeat speed 10 ms with about 30 repeats and mute the strings with my fretting hand and tap the strings over the pickups with the fingers of my picking hand and you get machine gun sounds (if you don't know what it sounds like listen to the opening to Audioslave's Cochise)