This whole morning and part of yesterday I was adjusting my truss rod for the new gauge strings i got, and after I got it to a decent relief I set the intonation aswell. The problem is though, after I did all that i brought it over to a friends house to play guitar there a little with him, but I noticed that the neck curves upward towards the headstock, so that my first 3 or so frets have a low action, but as you go down the neck the neck gets more straight and the action rises, I have pictures to show what I mean, i don't know how much they're gonna help though:


So did I adjust the truss too much, or do I have to adjust something else or what? Or is it actually the way it's supposed to be and I'm just worried for no reason?
the neck looks fine to me.
after you adjusted the truss rod and intonation did you set the action?
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necks should have a slight bow to them

it looks like you may have tightened the neck a lil bit too much but then again im no pro at truss rod adjusts so.....take that as you will
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no, i didn't adjust the action, i was going to, but i decided to go to my friends before.
It looks a bit better in the picture, but in real life you can see that it bends up towards the headstock, look at the picture closely again, look how the action changes pretty quickly.

Or, maybe im wrong...
It looks like you set it up wrong. I'd take it to a shop. Have them set it up good.

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^yeah, but make sure it's not guitar center, they can't do setups for shit.
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Fret the 1st fret (with a capo if you got one) and the 15th fret (where the neck meets the body). The space at the 6th fret should be about as thick as credit card's thickness. If it's too much, then you put too much bow into it (loosened) and would probably want to tighten the truss-rod a little bit. Remember, you want at least a little bow in the neck. It won't be perfectly flat.

Just remember, that a little adjustment can go a long way, and it can take a few days for the wood to actually settle a little.

To adjust the action, you want to make adjustments to your bridge/saddles. You don't use the truss-rod to adjust action. Lower the saddles, tune strings, then check for string buzz. If you're still getting string buzz, raise the saddles, retune, then check again. Repeat until there's no more, or very light buzzing that's not heard through the amp.

If you find that your action is set really high after you've done all that, there may be other underlying problems that need to be looked at. Like uneven frets, neck warp, or a number of other things. I'd take it to a tech at that point.
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well, it all depends on what guitar center you go to...the one near me doesn't do that at all, they have no tech and won't do anything without a tech...but also the sam ash near me, the tech screwed my guitar up and now I'm gonna have to find a way to fix it...
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^yeah, but make sure it's not guitar center, they can't do setups for shit.

it depends where you go. they did an awesome job on my guitars, but at other guitar centers they might not do it very well