what are the highest output passive pickups? I play mostly metal, any help would be appreciated.
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Dimarzio X2N is one..

edit: and the Duncan Invader
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Ask Tim at BareKnuckles he will help you out and make it as loud as humanly possible
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Probably an X2N, but Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups and pretty much any kind of rail humbucker will get some huge output.
Others have already posted what I would've recommended. However...
Keep in mind there is a point past which you really don't need more output. Even moderate output pickups can do metal. The thing you should keep in mind is that higher output generally means less sustain, so remember that when looking at high-output pickups.
X2n, Dimebucker or Gibbo ceramics.
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The Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 is probably the hottest off-the-shelf passive pickup you can get.
X2N, no contest. I owned one once, and it was face melting. Everything else is junk compared to the X2N.
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