Okay guys, I'm trying to learn palm muting, and I don't know where to begin. I'll admit, I haven't searched youtube and such, but the people here are much more explanatory than anywhere else I've searched.

With that said, I'm trucking through Swing Life Away, and I get stuck on the verse because I really don't know how to palm mute a chord.
It starts at the verse..that's when one has to start palm muting.

Don't know the song, but here are some notes...

- play with your right hand (pick hand) on the bridge)
- slide the right hand onto the strings, just enough to mute the strings

Now, there are various types of palm muting...
- partially muting so you can still hear the string, but they're a bit muffled and "muted"
- completely muting the strings so you cannot hear anything you're not playing

Practice both.
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