Hi. Ive been playing guitar for about 8 months now and i want to get a new amp. Ive been playing on a modeller for my whole guitar career and im interested in getting a cube. I am in a band with a drummer and i want to be able to practice with him using a tube amp. I have probably a 1000$ budget, but remember i also will be mostly practicing in my room. I dont see any gigging in the next two months. Maybe in the summer who knows. I play metal, hard rock, heavy metal, stoner and thrash. Cleans are not that important to me as i probably wont be using them very often. Amps that can go to metal using a tubescreamer also recommended please.

Reminder that i probably wont be able to full blast a 30 watt or anything like that. Any suggestions are fine.
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Maybe if you save up a bit more, get an ENGL Screamer 50w and an attenuator ($1300 total, depending on attenuator)
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Mesa, a used rect-o-verb would be in your price range.
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you don't really need to blast it for it to sound good, but i would suggest a marshall JCM2000 DSL50 or 100

You're probably not going to find a DSL50 for your price range, unless it's old and bruised and the seller's a complete moron!

Plus, it's way too loud for bedroom practice, even with the volume on 1!