One of my brother's friends brought over an amp. The amp is a Fender Frontman. I heard they aren't very good. The thing is this ones older it seems. It doesn't look the same as the ones I see on the internet. He told me its really old and sounds great distorted. The problem is its not working. I could have one of my family members look at it though who knows about repairing guitar/amp stuff.
What do I do with it?
A fender frontman are a fine practice amp. Get your family member to check it out.

Edit: oops typo, I ment is instead of are.
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Well do you have a decent amp of your own? If not, fix it and sell it to some n00b and go buy a tube combo.


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It's a practice amp, I don't care what I practice with. I have a Boogie but I'll use my broken Ibanez jumpstart package amp to practice.
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Yeah I had to use one of those. It's a decent practice amp, by no means a gigging amp. I know that from experience.
Most little SS amps like that are really hard to fix. Usually the parts cost more than the amp does. If you can get the parts.