Poll: How many guitar have you got?
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116 15%
192 24%
196 25%
139 18%
63 8%
30 4%
7 - 9
33 4%
10 - 12
7 1%
13 - 15
1 0%
16 - more (holy ****)
14 2%
Voters: 792.
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how many??

want to specifiy?

ive got

Ibanez RG350DX
Squier Stagemaster 7
Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci Signature
Gracia A95 (classic guitar)

Proghead+Metalhead= ME


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PRS Singlecut with Trans Amber 10-top (looking to sell!)
Epiphone Alleykat in trans black
Gibson SG Special Faded
Vintage Ovation Preacher
Ovation Celebrity
Taylor 110
Fendre MIM Strat
Epi Les Paul STD ( soon to be modded)
Gibson ES-339 ( accompanies my strat very well, but makes my LP lonely)
I had four, but now I'm done to three.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Schecter Synyster Gates Standard (going to be sold to a friend here soon though)
Gibson Baldwin SG. This was my first main guitar that I played for a long time before I finally bought a good guitar.
And my very first guitar which is now sold to my friend that just started playing as well. But it was just a cheap guitar that you can get on eBay for like $60-70.
1 Electric
1 Acoustic
1 Classical
1 Bass (POS)

All the bases are covered, and all great guitars! ('cept the bass)
Dissonance is Bliss

Signal Chain:
Carvin CT-4
Ibanez TS-9
Carvin Quad-X
TC Electronics G-Major
Mesa/Boogie 2:90
Ear Candy BuzzBomb

Member #4 of the Carvin Club
Not too many. I'had more.

Previous guitars:
Squire Strat Affinity
Epiphone SG Special II

Gibson LP Studio Fireburst
Yamaha EGC112
Epiphone Les Paul-100
Gibson "Talent" Acoustic

an Epiphone bass
a Dean electric
and a Yamaha acoustic

almost all the bases covered
"Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott
Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
Clifford Lee Burton

You'll all be missed

Disciple of Åkerfeldtism
Fender strat MIM
Fender antiqua strat RI MIJ
Fender Jaguar Bass
Gibson Les Paul Special Faded
Schecter Ultra III
and 2 greg bennet acoustics
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^ like doodleface, I have:

1 electric (samick malibu, kinda crap but oh well)
1 acoustic (martin DX1R)
1 bass (ibanez gsr200fm)

and my dad has a classical and my old acoustic, so I can get ahold of pretty much anything I need, although I still need a guitar with humbuckers
7. (not counting my acoustics)

Gibson Les Paul Studio - wine red, 81-85 emg's
Jackson SLSMG Soloist
Gretsch G5120 Hollowbody
Fender Jaguar HH (black)
Fender 72' tele
Dean Dixie Rebel
and, a fender jazz bass.
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12 check the profile for details, i haven't added my Johnson backpacker, just got it last week, or Ibanez acoustic.
3 if we're counting basses (which we should be, I haven't read the thread)

Epiphone 1958 Explorer, Ebony with Seymour Duncan '59 and JB
Epiphone Thunderbird IV Reverse bass
Ibanez Artcore Transparent Cherry AS73 semi-hollow
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3 guitars and a bass. Fender Mustang, Ibanez Artcore, and Rogue acoustic. My bass is a piece of **** Stingray knockoff.
El Gearo:

Fender '69 Reissue Mustang
Fender American Standard P-Bass

Fender Blues Junior
I have two guitars.

- Ibanez V Series
- J Reynolds JR6AS (Fake Strat)
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in my house... 6,
but one's that are mine:

a Fender Stratacoustic (when i started i couldn't decide between electric and acoustic, so i got both)
a PRS SE Soapbar II Maple.
and soon to be a custom one that i made myself. its coming along well, my dad and i just finished carving the body, and the neck is done.

the other 4 are a cheap strat knockoff,
2 old classicals,
and another classical that my dad made this summer, which is absolutely amazing to play.
Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12
Custom Built Guitar (made it myself)
PRS SE Soapbar II Maple
Fender Stratacoustic (Stolen! )
Digitech RP200
Boss MT-2
Roland Microcube
I like my stuff!
2 electric
1 acoustic
1 bass

1. PRS SE custom w/ mods (seymour duncan bridge pick-up and blacked out locking tuners?
2. Squier Stratocaster (my first)
3. Dean Acoustic something pink sunburst w/ a flamed maple top
4. Ibanez SR300DX Alpine White Active bass
4 total 2 electric 1 acoustic and 1 bass
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I have 3.

Ibanez SZ520QM, Aria strat copy, Yamaha FG730s.

I only ever play the Ibanez, I'll mess around with the yamaha every once in a while but I don't play it regularly.
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3, and I share 2 more with my brother, who is a drummer (basically mine though)

Samick AB-2 acoustic bass
Modded Squier MB-5 bass
Old Teisco something or other...not sure of the model.

Peavey T-60
Gilb..eh...mexican acoustic classical thing?
Nope, no sig here.
Jasmine/Takamine Acoustic
Iceman IC200 (first electric guitar, the reason I have this username)
Ibanez 540sltd
Yamaha CG-150CCE (classical guitar)
Random Ibanez bass
and my personal favorite:
Martin DC-16GTE
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
Gibson Faded SG Special
Epiphone Les Paul 100
SOme Ibanez steel string.
Some Samick classical... that's actually better than most classicals I've encountered.
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lol i only have my epi les paul studio
im hopefully getting a new ibanez pretty soon tho, just have to decide which model
Squier Bullet Strat

Modified Black Jackson DK2 with Dimarzio Evo (bridge) and Duncan Hotrail (neck)

Fusion Blue Soho Venetian Sunburst Hollobody

Modified Fusion Blue Beale Street Natural Semi-Hollowbody with Gibson '57 Classic (neck) and Duncan Seth Lover (bridge)

...modes and scales are still useless.

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gibson les paul studio fireburst
EHV strat
Arm the homelss copy
squier satin fat strat
no brand strat
aldi acoustic x2
yamaha 12 string
yamaha clasical
yamaha rbx 170 bass
PRS CU22 10 top with #10
Gibson lp studio (fireburst)
MIA 06' fender strat sss

Orange rockerverb 50 c

morley rotating speaker '62
" pro wah
mxr flanger '73
line 6 dl4 x2, fm4, dm4
mi audio tube zone
love pedal karl fuzz
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