Hello guys,

I have recently started playing lead with the pick. Before I played with my fingers (not fingerstyle I only used my thumb and I did downstrokes only ). With the pick my problem is that sometimes I miss the strings. I mean it happens in awkward places. I can play most of the song with no problem using the pick and suddenly when you least expect it I miss a string. I'm also in a bit of dileema with holding the pick. I hold it with my thumb and index finger and does it matter how much of the pick I expose. Does exposing little of the pick give you better control. Do I have to hold the pick in an angle.
Any help would be much appreaciated. Thanks

EDIT: Also when I play fast songs like mortal kombat. I keeping tapping my middle finger on the acousitic guitar and that makes like a drum nois . Is balance important as well.
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well im not an expert or anything but as far as i know, exposing less of the pick gives you better control. as far as holding it at an angle, i think it varies from person to person.
chances are things will get better with plenty of practice
less pick for more control and speed and do what ever comes naturally and feels comfortable that's what I do