i recently sent my epi les paul in for service on the electronics (it's under warranty still). i shipped it without strings and when i got it back and went to restring it, i noticed the action what messed up. it's way too high and i tweaked with the tune o matic bridge a little but i'm afraid it will cause buzzing. i'm a little inexperienced with les paul maintenance so i need some advice. thanks.
theres two things to look for when you lower the action.
Buzzing on the frets and buzzing on the pickups.
So lower the action till you feel comfortable, and play. If its buzzing, check to see if the pickups are too high first. If they pickups are fine then raise the action little by little till fret buzz stops.
Oh and when you check for fret buzz don't just assume that if the strings dont buzz open, that they will not buzz when fretted. Whenever I adjust my action i check for buzz open, 1st fret, 12 fret, and 19 fret.
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I have a little buzz on my guitar, but i anyway dont worry about it because it doesnt go through my amp. a TOM bridge is an easier bridge to adjust, so you will figure it out. if you absolutely have to, take it in to get it setup.
i spent last night messing with it and i think i'm getting it back to where it was. thanks guys.