Ok so I've got this new mic that i can record stuff onto my computer, and i want to record vocals and stuff...not professionaly or anything, just to mess around.

does anybody know any free software that i can add different tracks and/or mute them or turn them down or up and whatever?

Or is there another one where i can put in a video, take the audio off of it, and then put another track of audio on like they did for the youtube videos, Herman Li is cool and Mick Thompson's How to play like an asshole???

anyway, let me kno
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Theres nothing better than that program, in the price range you want.
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i thought reaper isn't free anymore?

i just looked it up and, no, its not
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it has an unlimited trial (full featured, no time limit) but if you like it you should eventually pay the $50 for a license, you know when you feel like it.
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yeah when i open reaper this humming noise comes on....its really annoying and its not really working for me...neone wanna help?
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