this is me playing over gun and and its not really much just basically a quick run through since its the first time i ever recorded so i did something easy. its not flawless because i just picked up my guitar and played it once while recording so take it for what it is.

its uploading right now so it should be on my profile momentarily. im hoping to get a few more covers and my original song up within the next couple of days so any input will be much appreciated : )
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Going for some old school grunge, huh? Great pick for a first song.

Your tone is good, the playing is very good, considering the tricky rhythm and the gradual speed up. A very worthy first cover, nice work.
Agreed, good job man. There was only one mistake that I could hear and it was very minor and almost unnoticable.

The only thing I can think of to improve on is the palm muting quality of your tone. When you went to those chugs I could barely hear your guitar, or at least it was a bit underwhelming. But it's just your tone I guess and it's not your playing. The tone for the other parts of the songs was great though.
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