Anybody else get a chance to check out the new Elysia song yet? It's the first song off of the CD "Lion Of Judas" set to be released on June 10th. The song is called Box Of Needles and you can check it out here... www.myspace.com/elysia

Personally i'm a big fan already, kinda reminds me of Coverge in some ways but overall definately amazing...

I like it a lot more than the stuff I heard from "Masochist". It's renewed my opinion on them.
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why does everyone hate on TDWP
they really are a good band if your a true hardcore fan
i guess people on ug are more into metalcore and punk hardcore....

it's ok
Oh f*ck it,
I'm gonna have a party.
I had the blankest year,
I watched life turn into a TV show.
It was totally weird.
I saw them on their tour with this is hell and they said they were recording at the same place converge does. kinda weird, since elysia sucks.
To be honest, I really dont like the new stuff as much as their old stuff. Their old stuff was just really catchy, lyrically. But I do think that the vocals sound overall better, but I probably wont stay a fan if the rest of the cd sounds like this.
they went from really horrible, to just horrible, so kudos to them.
"the more i learn, the more i see how little i truly know"
is it just me or do they sound like theyre going in the direction of beatdown
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