Try getting their album called Meddle. It's a great album. One of my favorites.
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Try getting their album called Meddle. It's a great album. One of my favorites.

Agreed, Meddle is absolutely amazing, although it might take a couple of listens to appreciate it.
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Pink Floyd thread


But get Obscured By Clouds, Meddle or The Division Bell. You'll like those, they are the most similar in sound to DSOTM and WYWH.
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Well, I WAS going to say PATGOD...
...But you don't like Barrett-era Floyd?! Blasphemy!

But I think you should listen to these people when they say Meddle.
- It's quite delightful to the ears.
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i think almost all the albums are so different that you MUST buy all of em :P
so just start with PatGoD

but, also, yes, Meddle is really popular nowadays
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There's a PF thread in place...try to check these things in future

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A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Meddle and Obscured By Clouds.


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