Ok you guys, here's what's going on.

Our drummer wrote a song...It's called Chameleon (sp?) Anyway he just wrote the lyrics and the Verse and Chorus parts for the track labeled "Stephen" and the bass part in the Verse. So we were playing it and they asked me to make a Chorus riff. Being the spontaneous person I am, I played a few chords and they liked it, so it stuck. Then we decided to switch the Pre-Chorus and Chorus parts.

A few days ago Adam (drummer) asked me to write a solo so I finally finished (or close to) it today and then I made a breakdown/bass and drum solo section.

I know it needs a lot of work, but what do you guys think of the solo? Because that's what I want criticism for. I just added the rest of it to let you get the mood of the song, which is kind of hard to figure out.

Oh, and some other things. I'm the rhythm guitarist so thats why Stephen has the solo. (I hope he can play it.) Also, I play in drop Db and everyone else plays in standard. They won't change and I am not playing in standard. It just has no practicality to me.
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To be honest, the verse doesn't sound like it fits into the song at all.
The transitions need some work. The Pre-Chorus > Chorus transition doesn't feel right but it's pretty close.
The solo was great. A little bit short though.
The whole song should be a bit longer.
The breakdown was great aswell.

Oh wow, you play in different tunings. That's interesting...
I like it.

Keep working on this and you'll have a great song I think

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It's alright but it could need some excitement to it, if you get what I mean. It flows well, maybe it's just that the drums are too simple.

What I was thinking, maybe make the song like a Chameleon, you know their body colour changes to the background. But I don't know how you'd make that in a music sense
Thanks for the feedback guys.

That's not the end by the way. We will probably to another verse then a final chorus and an outro.
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