Anyone else have issues tremelo picking the top bass strings? I can pick the strings below that easily, but the top are giving me issues.

Some things that are bothering me.

- I find that when hitting the bass strings my hand is very close to muting the strings. Do others have this issue or is it in my technique? When holding the pick, I use the technique demonstrated here:
My thumb lays around parallel to the strings and my other fingers are loose facing down toward the guitar. If I rest my hand on the bridge, I have few issues with this but I'm worried if this would interfere in a way. I remember hearing that picking further toward the neck produces a different sound than to the bridge, so in a way would this make me less versitile? Oh, and as a result of all this I have a habit of resting my hand on the bridge. Should I stop? When I do, it feels like I'm starting over again.. I pick so slow it doesn't feel right.
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I actually find it easier on the bass strings. Maybe thats because I rest my palm on the bridge(past the point the string contacts the saddle).
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top as in physically at the top (ie. E & A) or top as in top pitch (G, D)?

I find E & A harder to pick, their looser nature makes it harder to use shorter pick strokes on them, as you need a bit more power to get a decent sound from them. I find to pick real fast i have to rest my forearm on the edge of my bass or rest my palm on the bridge, it gives you somewhere to anchor your movements from. Or i play right up on the neck, picking over the last few frets, as i find the fretboard limits you from going to far thru the gaps between each string.

Are you using alternate picking yes?
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Top as in physcially. Yeah, I'm using alternate picking as well as using the wrist to pick. I can pick as fast as I'll probably ever need on the other four strings but I'm worried about the others. I don't want to end up discovering that I was picking wrong all along and will have to start over one all.
Are you actually playing a bass? If not change the topic title so it doesn't confuse.
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Are you actually playing a bass? If not change the topic title so it doesn't confuse.

Fixed. ^^