So I had the pleasure of blowing out a speaker today and I know basically nothing about replacement speakers. Will basically any 10 inch speaker work? Do I need a bass specific 10 inch speaker? What are some of the better speaker brands? (money is not particularly an issue although lets try to keep it under the cost of a new cab)

Also I noticed in my internet wanderings that speakers have an ohm rating. Do two 8ohm speakers in a cabinet make for a 4ohm cabinet? Or would that just be 8ohms?
I am running an SWR 350x into an 8ohm Trace Elliot 2x10 (I don't know the model name or anything). How long does a repair usually take? I have multiple gigs starting next Thursday, and I would like to find a solution before then.
your gigging with a 2x10? you might consider a 4x10 like, now! but anyway, repairs usually take about a week if they do it, in-house. most music stores send them out for repair, and it takes alot longer. we have a local shop that specializes in speaker re-builds, and can do rush jobs, at slightly higher fees. i say remove the speaker from the cab. check the specs, and try to find a "like" speaker to get you by, until you can have the original fixed. if your blowing speakers now, unless you change something, you will blow them again, really soon. good luck
If the speakers are connected in series you'll want a 4ohm speaker. If they're connected parallel you'll want a 16ohm speaker.

This will make that cab equate to 8ohms I think so you will have similar results to before it bust.

Trace Elliots use celestion speakers and tbh, I think theyre the best around. Other brands around are eminence and that.

There are two main types of speaker - ones with a ferrite coil and ones with neodynimum (sp?) coil.

They sound pretty darn similar but neos are much much lighter, however, they do tend to be more expensive but as technology progresses the price will come down.

You also need to buy the right wattage speaker. I would suggest looking at your other speaker in the cab and getting the same wattage unless the speaker blew because the cab's wattage was too low.

When using 8ohm cabs I go by the rule that the cab's handling wattage should be equal to the RMS output of the amp at it's most efficient load. So if you amp puts out 300W at 4ohms, and you hook up an 8ohm cab, the handling of the cab should be 300W. This will help deal with any spikes you may get from the amp.

EDIT - I find 4x10's easier to move than 2x10's cause you can draft in another persons help. If its just a 2x10, they cba usually lol.

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