So basically I just bought a new Fender Deville 212, and it doesn't work. Plugged it in. Tubes all warm. but no sound comes out. Guitar volume all the way up. Try cable in another amp with same guitar. Works fine. Plug it back in to the Deville. Works for a second, then still no sound again. What gives?
idk dude, but I have one of those and a MIM strat and let me tell you! if you like blues/rock or anything clean you'll love this amp. it's sweet tone just cuts me to the bone.

I'd take a bullet for the DeVille.
speakers are totally plugged in. Sound comes out, but just hum. not like 60 cycle hum. just hum. and it increases when i turn the master. but no guitar sounds. I love the deville. i know.
Bad stock tubes, most likely. Take it back to the store and exchange it. There is no reason a new deville should do that...
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dumb question. oops. okay. so now. it doesn't make any noise, but quiet for awhile, then loud feeback, and then pops.
Take it back and exchange it mate, it sounds like its broke to me.