Here's a cover of plush I just finished yesterday,
I guess just in time for STP's reunification!

Like I said ,

it's on the profile!

The music was really, really good. Very good quality on the recording. But to be honest, your voice just doesn't suit that style music at all. I also didn't like how low in the mix you had your voice.

Really good job on the cover though man.
Beautiful cover, just beautiful. Loved it. I think your vocals were actually really good and gave a good feeling to the song, I kind of like your voice better then Scott Weilands'. Everything was mixed excellently, and I didn't hear any mistakes. Keep up the good work man. Also happy birthday in a couple of weeks

If you have the time, please critique my cover of "Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam" it's on my profile, thanks
The Pit. The Movie.
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I really liked it - you've got an awesome voice, the only thing noticably weird about it is when you were doing the kind of..... tail-off moans that weiland does.... it's just the sort of thing you need to throw your full confidence into, otherwise it really stands out as 'off'.