I just got my first guitar, a stratocaster, about 2 weeks ago. I was wondering what you guys fell the best or most efficient way to learn the guitar is. So far I have just been following beginner lessons online. How did most of you guys learn, and is following online lessons the best way to get the hang of things? Thanks!
well depends on what you want to do... i got my guitar as a distraction from school, i've used the web as a resource to increase my skill, but because i have no training from welll anyone i don't know if i'm doing anything right at all...

if u are serious about learning the art of the guitar i would suggest finding an actual teacher and taking lessons in a style you want to learn

if u are just treading waters UG is an excellent resource in written material as well as videos (if u are new look up pick n' grin on UG TV) to start you off to see if this is something u want to do seriously
I've learned completely from online tutorials and jam sessions.
Just keep looking at tutorials, and song tabs (Try learning the easy parts of a tab first.) and what not.
Do you know any experienced guitarists? If so, try and have a jam with them or something.
no i do not know any guitarists. i want to get semi-serious with this but i dont really want to shell out alot of money for lessons right now. im a broke college student
If u look 4 this guy on youtube called lazyfret he gives amazing lessons for begginers! by following his lessons i then discovered i could play all the major chords so many of the song tabs and chords became much simpler to follow after that! i dont think u need a teacher really just practice, practice, practice is the key ive never had any help but i used 2 play for about 2 hours a night and its amazing how quickly you will advance!! Good luck my friend!!