so i'm thinking the whole "pizza hut" to "pasta hut" thing isn't an april fool's joke. their website hasn't changed and i just saw a TV commercial about it.
Pizza Hut claims that it is renaming itself "Pasta Hut" as the company introduces a line of new Tuscani pastas.

According to the PR News wire, the company's Web site has been redesigned, including the new URL http://www.newpastahut.com, the new Pasta Hut logo and a message for consumers: "Pasta so good, we changed our name to Pasta Hut!"

However, the Dallas Morning News reported last week that the new name is just an April Fool's joke to bring attention to the new pasta line.

It's just to bring attention to the fact that they now sell pasta, but they always have so I don't know what it's about now. Maybe they deliver pasta?
i swear

all the important **** happens on april fools day

they're messing with my head
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