before dimarzio's d-sonic, what were the pickup combination of John Petrucci's musicman signature guitars?
is it
A. modified air norton - modified steve's special
B. modified air norton - modified air norton
C. something else?
I believe it was a air norton in the neck, and a steves special in the bridge.
I always assumed he had the modded d-sonic and air norton in his ernies balls signatures.
This thread interests me now.

I'm pretty sure his Ibanez signature had steves specials and air nortons.
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His Ibanez sigs had the DiMarzio Steve's Special / Air Norton pickups, I'm 100 % sure on that.
And as long as I know, his EBMM sigs have custom DiMarzio pickups, similar to the D-Sonic / Air Norton, but not exactly the same.
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