I have this weird problem with my guitar (although I don't actually know if it's common with all guitars or something wrong with my setup or whatever).

Basically, if I hammer on an open string up at the 7th or higher fret (or any 7-or-more hammer - eg for tapping), I get some really out of tune sounding harmonics happening as well as the note I hammered. This isn't a problem through an amp - in fact, when playing through an amp it's fine, but when playing "acoustically" it's a really annoying problem, especially if I'm playing stuff involving lots of tapping.

Is this normal or is it just me?

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Harmonics are normal, but you said they were out of tune. Perhaps your intonation is out?
Yeah that happens with everyone, you're just hearing the string vibration on both sides of your finger, whereas the amp only picks up one side.

Thats definately it, so nothing to worry about Either learn to mute the other side or just ignore it as you wont hear it through an amp
It always does that on the 10th fret on mine, damn annoying. And i CAN hear it through my amp.