This is a song I wrote about an english sailor who finds himself on a slave ship and is disgusted by whats around him.

O I want to see the endless sea
I'm a sailor to the bone
O I want to ride on the rolling tide
And drift far from my home

I boarded this ship, with a bleeding lip
And a sailor's footloose soul
My hands were wet, and my hair unkempt
With the sea my foremost goal

The days would be long, singing seaman songs
The nights hard, cold and dark
But the stars in the sky, filling up my eyes
Would guide me to my mark

The oars I pulled, while the hold was full
Gave blisters to my hands
But the ship would careen, and fulfill my dreams
Of seeing far off lands

We'd walk their shores, till our legs were sore
Feel the sun burning our backs
And trade and defend against monstrous men
With hands and hearts of black

But the Captain's want, for gold did haunt
Our voyage through those days
The men were tied and thrown inside
Their houses set ablaze

Packed in the rooms, beneath the booms
Their cries I'd hear at night
A wailing prayer, filled with despair
Could not save them from their plight

While I worked the sails, they'd die in jails
Beneath the wooden planks
And if they were saved, they'd live as slaves
For men whose souls were rank

Their only sin, was their blackened skin
No evils had they done
To deserve the pain, the relentless shame
Of a hell under the sun

And we were told, that gleaming gold
Would be given for our charge
But it made me sick, to see that my ship
Had become a funeral barge

When we finally dock, on that lonely rock
That we all call our home
I'll know inside that my soul has died
And my heart is all alone

O I want to see the endless sea
I'm a sailor to the bone
O I want to ride on the rolling tide
But God please take me home
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This sounds like it could be the next Mastodon single or something. Hahahaha.
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.