My next purchase in my guitar setup might be a dunlop crybaby wah pedal. So far my top candidate is the Zakk Wylde signature crybaby:


Like I said in the title, I don't know much about wah pedals. Would this be a good sig. wah for my needs? I play mostly heavy music and I hear the ZW Wah is good for it.

If not, could you recommend me another wah?
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Do you need a signature wah? You should try out the Wylde because it's a bit of a love/hate kind of wah.

I say 535Q. It's tweakable so you get a wide range of wah sounds out of it.
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Personally, I prefer the Budda Wah =).
But the only way to know is try a few out.
I own the Slash signature one too, and I really don't like it.
It's all preference because a Wah pedal is something that really lets you express yourself through it, so make sure you get one that you like.
budda wahs are great but not tweakable like the fulltones. id honestly just go with a crybaby over a vox since thats all people seem to be buying lately, but along down the road your going to want more, and the answer to that will be a fulltone.
What exactly is a fulltone? Is it a brand?

And to H4T3BR33D3R, no, I don't necessarily need a signature wah. I was just wanting one good enough for my kind of music (i.e. not a jimi hendrix wah or a buddy guy wah).
Searchbar -> "Ultimate Wah Thread"

Tons of info there.
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