i want to buid a true bypass strip kinda thing but im crazy and its not gonna be normal. I need to make a passive one. anyone have a diagram for a PASSIVE true bypass box. i know what to do with the switch... its what to do with the tip/sleavs of jacks i am confused with.
If its not fender than whatever]
Connect the sleeves together. Connect the tips to the switch. Done.

thats sad.. "theres several threads on this" you link=found no results.

anyway ya there are lots of bypass threads but i hadnt found anything specificaly for passive because all diagrams routed sleve trough LED wanted to make sure i could just skip this.
If its not fender than whatever]
well, I know nothing about this kind of thing, right, But wouldn't you just connect a switch that when closed connects the hot wire of the input directly to the output? I thought that was what a true bypass was.