I'm bored so I thought I'd search for a topic on the best sex of your life. Didn't find anything, which surprised me. Everyone remembers the best sex they've ever had.

Mine would be when I was watching tv with my girlfriend (at the time) and her parents. They were in 2 chairs in front of the tv and we were laying on a couch towards the back of the room under a blanket.

They were so into what they were watching (they REALLY liked the amazing race ) that we started shagging. It was quite a thrill; I brought the thunder. Sex is just so much more fun when you risk being caught.

You guys have any stories to share?
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Sex thread.
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Either way, I don't think bananas should be placed in such proximity to an ass

I disagree. Bananas and ass are like peaches and cream.
When I was with your mom.