Hi guys,

i was just wondering if anyone could give me the formula for an augmented chord and a diminished.

And heres a few questions,

Can augmented be minor?

Can diminished be major?

I know augmented is 1 3 5# 7b but what if i wanted to add on a ninth and on, would it be 9, does it change.

I tried to find a minor augmented chord and the only chord i could find was like g minor major sharp 5.

Anyway itd be nice if someone could clear up this topic, explain in easy terms a little about these chords, their formula, and any other valable info on them.

Its strange, i use them alot im just trying to get a better perspective of things.

Thanks guys.
an augmented chord is 1 3 5#
a diminished chord is 1 b3 b5
augmented cannot be minor, and a diminished chord cannot be major
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anyway on a serious note. Something cannot be a major and a minor.

Major Formula: 1 3 5
Minor Formula: 1 b3 5
Diminished Formula: 1 b3 b5
Augmented Formula: 1 3 #5

b = flat
# = sharp

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thanks guys, what if i want to add a 7th to the augmented or diminshed? like what other things can i add to augmented and diminshed to get different sounds? Thanks allot for yyour help fellas!
Gets a little different when you add a 7th

To my knowledge you can't have a augmented 7th (have never seen one)

(M7)Major 7th Formula: 1 3 5 7
(m7)Minor 7th Formula: 1 b3 5 b7
(7)Dominant(example C7) Formula: 1 3 5 b7
(m7b5)Half Diminished Formula: 1 b3 b5 b7
(dim7)Full Diminished Formula: 1 b3 b5 bb7(aka 6)
I've never seen an Augmented 7th either, but I suppose the formula is this:

1 3 #5 7, or 1 3 #5 b7?

I just tried them out on guitar, they sound OK...
Yeah thanks alot, augmented 7th would be 1 3 5# 7 yeah, i dont know ay, they kinda sound crap but i suppose it depends on the other chords in the song.

Thanks man