Self reflection time:
Here's a couple questions for everyone here who's in a small time band.

Why do you think your band isn't bigger?
What's holding you back?

Might be interesting to hear some the common issues bands are facing in this regard and try to shed some light on possible solutions / help each other out.

My band isn't raking in the millions because we don't wear gold "teef" and sing about "bootz wit da fur".
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1. the fact that my band is only me, and i suck at writing music, im decent at lyrics (proof in sig), but terrible at music, thats why im only writing acoustic stuff right now. no one around me wants to play in a hardcore/post hardcore band.
2.whats holding me back...... umm.... i think lazyness for the most part. but im trying kinda.
Quote by teegman
Self reflection time:

Why do you think your band isn't bigger?
What's holding you back?


everyone i know is more concerned about trying to be big more then playing music
I played sports all through highschool and didnt start playing guitar til like before my junior year. So I never had many music connections. Now In my second year of college I am still struggling to get a band together.
my band doesnt have a theremin. and we cant live without a theremin.

I have no opinion on this matter.
Because all we've done is play... um... maybe 3 birthdays? And don't have a name or a definite line-up yet. Oh, fortune!
How may The National D help you waste your time?
My old band did 300 gigs in 5 years, we worked hard, had good songs and played with some massive bands.

We were simply not marketable in the current climate of music.

End of story.
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Not marketable, or weren't you guys market savvy?

There are many ways to change the perceptions / marketability of a band without changing a thing about the music you realise?

I know, we played 80 esque classic/**** rock. We had the full package, the look and sound, it just wasnt what sells in the UK nowadays