I picked up a 2004 Freneder Strat (50th Ann. Ed.) from my brother in-law for $700 a few weeks ago. He hasn't played it much, but the time it has been played and out of the case, it's been "abused" cosmetically. I was wanting to know if there's a way to make the finish on the neck and body look new again. I am all for the "vintage" and worn look, but the marks are light and the piece has def. been neglected. It still has the factory strings on it (strings 1,2,&3 are rusted?) so I am going to replace those as well. Any suggestions for polishing and strings? Thanks.
I'm sure polish would work for the body, but the neck is my main concern. It has the abalone dots instead of the black ones and it looks like the finish (which apears to be a hand-rubbed finish and not satin) is built up on the sides of the frets. This was definately done at the factory but I haven't had a chance to see if any other fenders with this finsish are the same way.
It is a Fender and not a Freneder right? kidding
Are you sure of what you have there? post pics?
What is the serial number?
The first true strat was made in 1954.
Mine is a 60 anniv of Fender as a company and is made in mexico (mim)
Is it a Rosewood or Maple neck? If Rosewood use lemon oil guitar spray. If it is Maple you may need to use lighter fluid. Search on cleaning guitars and cleaning fretboards as they are cleaned completely seperatly.
As for string, i would get .09 - .42 gauge by DR or DiAddario.
You need to Search more and possibly have it taken in for proper set up/clean
hope that helps
Yeah, it's a fender. 3rd shift, being in a hurry, you get the idea... It's the 50th Ann. for the stratocaster (1954-2004). It's American made and has the maple neck. Sorry for the confusion. Where could I start to look for someone to give it a once over and maybe even clean it up and re-string it? I am familiar with re-stringing on an acoustic, but not an electric(Only been in it for about 4 months). Thanks again.
mate, you can just take it to a guitar tech who will sort out all your issues all the spot. As for learning to change strings, look it up on youtube, some really good demonstrations on how to up there. You should be learn it no prob
restringing is easy, just watch where the string goes when you take the old one off and copy that
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