Alright so I have a guitar already.

And I don't really need a new one, but I'm curious if I should try getting one of those building kits and make one.

There are four different model types, a strat, a schecter like shape, a les paul, and a tele shape.

Now for those who have tried making a guitar, this way, how's the quality of it?

and those who haven't, have you ever wanted to be able to make your own guitar?Engrave it with a certain drawing or something in the head stock?
Which company?
There are many building kits around.
But, generally, you wouldn't expect much from them. Replace hardware and tuners, and they aren't bad.
But it's easier, and generally ends up better if you buy an old guitar and give it a makeover.

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Well I mean It's more of a project I'd only use it for practice I have a gig guitar.

But I don't know I kinda want a quality custom guitar.

If anyone can give me a name of a good guitar building kit company I'd be fairly greatful.
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I was looking at the kits yesterday, and from what i can see there's a few problems with them:

- The wood isn't very good quality, so you might get a good looking guitar, but it won't sound good.
- Everything's already made up for you, i.e. pickups wired, tuning pegs attached. So changing all this is just as laborious as doing it on any guitar.
- And as you pointed out, there are only a few body shapes avaliable. There are limitless possiblilties making your own!

All the kits seem to be are put in a few screws and paint it.

If you have the money, the time and the tools build one from scratch. You'll feel much better about being able to tailor it to your own needs and being able to say: 'i built this guitar from nothing.'

Well If you could tell me what tools I would need for that, and what objects I would need to buy, like say perhaps where I can buy the tuners and the knobs, I'd definitly be up for that, the thing is though I'm not very good with wood working so the cut out for the guitar may be kind of..retarded looking.