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Not much few bumps and bruises, been kicked in the face a few times by people crowd surfing
i have had teeth sunken into the back of my head in 2 mosh pits
i got my Opeth necklace caught on some dudes dredlock when he was falling over in a wall of death, i got dragged down with him and had a pretty bad sore neck
a few other injuries n stuff but yeah
all good fun
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Rage against the machine mosh pit was mental. I've been in moshpits for loads of death metal and hardcore bands and such, and it was NOTHING compared to the one at rage against the machine at the start of the year. Thousands of people were trying to get as close as possible, i could barely breath, i got myself out of there at the end of the 4th song. Some dude kicked me in the sternum crowd surfing, and it was ****ed for a few weeks, but nothing too serious has happened to me.
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Oh man i remember one time there was this one dude doing ****ing AERIALS in the mosh pit. I was kicked in the face a few times by him but damn it was amazing how he managed to do back flips amongst moshing, screaming bogans
Um, well someone elbowed me in the mouth, that kinda hurt. Another time someone ran into me and I couldn't stand on one of my legs, so I had to leave the mosh for a couple of songs. Nothing major though.
Believe it or not, it was carpet burn. I can't remember exactly how I got it, but it was on my knee, and it got infected.

I never took care of the wound, and it just got worse and worse. Eventually I went to a doctor for antibiotics and it turns out if I'd left it just one day later, I'd have been in hospital on a drip.
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I get kicked in the head by crowd surfers all the time. And its always by the punk girl with the giant boots.
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I got caught in the middle of one of those massive falls that about 6 people have at a time, but that giant fat guy who's at every gig was there to pick us all up.
I got a bloody nose at hundred reasons in a circle pit from someone's head coliding with my nose...

it was a moment of: wtf...arrgghh that really hurts...oooo there's blood...lets get back in there!
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I got caught in the middle of one of those massive falls that about 6 people have at a time, but that giant fat guy who's at every gig was there to pick us all up.

lol that's exactly what happened when i saw bring me the horizon (why i do not know incase anyone asks me) the security guards were the ones starting the pits!

the entire show was basically just a fooking huge circle pit.
bruised bumped thats it buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut my mate ran into a circle pit then stopped to look around it didnt end well but he still made it thru the kataklysm set
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i punched a woman
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nothing serious but if I ever go to a lame concert, there's always a fat girl there waiting to kick me in the ass. It's fkn annoying!
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rubbing up against sweaty dudes gave me a boner, then theit got stuck in the wall of death, has never been the same.
Punched in the bled for a bit but it wasn't bad really.
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Some dude in front of me jumped up and kicked me in the balls with their heel.
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Got kicked in the back of the head.

Great pit though.
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a guy kicked my shin like a little girl so i ground my elbow in his spine when he turned around. he came back and threatened to kill me. he smelled like pot and booze.
Nothing's ever happened to me, but my friend got scalped- as in his hair and skin came away from the top of his skull. Ambulance job.

The funny bit was he was walking away from the mosh pit, and got shoved into a brick wall.
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landed on by someone whose about 6 foot.
Considering im only 5ft3, it hurt.
Black eye i got tired of being landed on,, and stuck my elbows into anyone who landed on me. I got me sharp little elbows
&& this was all at a paramore gig. haha.
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I got elbowed in the face. It hurt but the gig was worth it.
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I don't go in Pits.

Good day.
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Hmm, no serioues injurys but my pride was hurt after a friend pushed me into a mospit (for Norther, supporting Turisas) and I fell over straight away. It hurt
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it detracts from the music - therefore any band that has mental mosh pits is usually either a crap band and/or a band with complete tools for fans. end of.
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