Hey, I have just started a new project with a few guys and we all we need now is a bassist!
We have vocals, 2 guitarists and drums and we are all 18-19 years old and all have previous experience in bands and playing live.
We have many different influences ranging from the heavy style/screaming/melodic etc. Bands such as Story of the Year, Saosin, Atreyu, Silverstein, Madina Lake, all sorts of bands really. And of course we will have our own playing style as well, we want to have are own sound these are are just influences to our style. Your influences are wanted aswell and hopefully we can make some great music.
We don`t want to waste anymore time and really want to give it a go, we are all very commited and eager musicians.
We also have Sound Proof studios very close to us that we can practice in at a very good price.
We have some great links and contacts to help us out aswell.
Age range 16-20 years old, it doesn't really matter if your a bit above that but close would be great!
I think thats it for now lol, if you want to have a jam or want to know more please reply and we can have a chat.