Hi, I'm a very novice guitar player, and I usually mooched my guitar picks off friends and acquaintances. Right now I am using a very flimsy thin pick with a nice textured grip that I got from a friend that plays acoustic. I thought it would be good for me, but man did I find out how wrong I was!

So I tried doing a search when I met some really pro players in real life who used I believe a red Dunlop Nylon Jazz III. It is a very small pick with a very sharp tip and rounded top and a bumpy logo on it. I read that these pick types from Dunlop are generally very thick and small which is very good for shredding and speed playing and making more articulate sounding notes.

I just had a problem finding the differences, because their names have so many interchangable terms.

Is there any difference between these?

Dunlop Nylon Jazz III (Red)
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III (Black)
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III (Yellow)
Dunlop Stubby Jazz

The Stubby Jazz look nice, assuming they are small like the other ones and not regular pick sized. They also have a textured grip indentation and are thicker and smoother/rounded instead of flat? which should help for speed, but sometimes the thickness is a problem and people say the pick wears down due to the material.

Anyone with experience using these or other of the small, thick, and sharp picks for fast playing? Sorry, it's hard to describe. Thanks.
i use dunlop stubbies, there reasonably good for playing fast. the edges dont wear out so it'll be the same shape from start till you lose it :S
The difference between black and red is in the texture, the black is a bit rufflued whereas the red has a clean, smooth surface. Some argue over the stiffness of each but I think that's just psychic things.

There are XL JazzIII's too that have the same shape but are bigger. I personally don't like them at all.
Personally, I use Dunlop Big Stubby 3mm (thicker than the bassist in my band LOL).

However the only way you can find out what pick is right for you is to buy a large selection of picks and play with them. When you find the one for you, buy loads of them and a sealable bag (it helps with not losing them).
Although most people prefer thick picks for playing fast, this may not be true for you.
Well i could be completely insane but..Wouldn't the only difference between Dunlop Nylon Jazz III (Red) and Dunlop Nylon Jazz III (Black) just be the colour...?

EDIT: It appears i AM completely insane..Should've read the previous posts lol sorry about that
^+1, just buy a few picks of varying widths and sizes and experiment to find your favourite.
Wow, lots of fast responses. I think I will have to take feelthedemon's advice and try them all out, because you guys use a lot of different varieties of these kinds of pick (a lot of the big ones, which is surprising, but I am glad you all enjoy them. That gives me the impression that most of these picks are of high quality and good to use.

Personally, I like the novelty of the smaller versions because this is my first time seeing them). I just need to work out how to buy cheaply, because online they seem expensive to be buying separately and not in bulk.
rather than going online, just go to almost any music shop, if you live in the you live in the UK try "Sound Control" where all picks are 50p so you could get a decent selection for a fiver.
am i the only one that uses the light picks for speed playing, i cant even sweep pick with hard picks, it has to be flimsy not too flimsy but around 60mm i use cactus picks they have a sharp end and best grip of any pick hands down