Ok, I've decided that I'm going to order myself a set of Bare Knuckle pickups for my new guitar.

What I want is a modern tone that will give me a nice chunky rhythm tone - ideal for palm mutes and thrash metal, and a punchy upper midrange spiked sort of shred tone, very smooth. The key is that it has to be smooth on the neck pickup.

Cleans aren't AS important - though I would like a smooth jazzy sort of tone from the neck pickup and an at least passable tone on the bridge - the Bridge SD in my guitar at the moment sounds like absolute crap on the clean channel but quite good on the lead.

I have a Jackson DK2M. Here's the specs:

Alder Body
Maple Neck - Compund Radius
LFR Trem

I'm playing it through a Peavey ValveKing 112 with a Cestion Vintage 30 speaker, and a T.C Electronic G Sharp in the FX Loop.

Hope you can pick-up the right pickup for me


Well I'm not sure about your neck pickup, but for thrash I'd say get a "nailbomb" for the bridge. It has a huge output and comes in camo or plain
Given your requirements, a matched set of either the Nailbomb or Painkiller pickups would seem to be the ticket. Note that the neck pickup is much lower output than the bridge pickup and will need to be set a bit higher than most people would normally think. Also note that the Nailbombs are much more treble and high-mid oriented than you probably think they are. The Painkillers are more balanced and tend to do a better job at harder/faster types of music such as thrash. The Nailbombs are smoother and more organic but I think you would probably benefit more from Painkillers.

EDIT: Also note that a pickup's output really isn't an accurate measurement of how it will sound or what types of music it will work better with. It's really only an accurate measurement of how loud it can theoretically get.
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neither the nailbomb or the painkiller would be good for you. I have a jackson guitar aswell that is made of alder, the wood tends to make the sound very bright and trebly. The one you want is the warpig. trust me on this one.
An alnico warpig in the bridge and a cold sweat in the neck would be a good combination for you I think.
So Kendall, you think nailbombs, and Stevenexp, you think Warpigs.

It's true that my Jackson is quite (well very) bright, especially with the maple neck. The good think about the choices is that I can get both off GAK if I need to. Has anyone used either in an alder body guitar?
Definately the Cold Sweat for you!

id like to think i know the BKs well since ive tried all of them and im kitted out with them

alder body means Cold Sweats for that thrash and spiky tone - maybe the Holy Diver set, but Cold Sweats have superior cleans

no alnico warpig though, too dark!
I said Painkillers over Nailbombs, but if your Jackson is as ridiculously bright as you say, you may want to consider something with a more pronounced bottom end. Warpigs have a thicker bass and low-mid response, but I wouldn't call them smooth (at least not compared to some of the other BKP offerings).

Basically what I think it comes down to is you'll be happy with pretty much any of them. They just all have different trade-offs.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM