lol didn't know that was a real video! i just watched the episode like 2 minutes ago

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I recognised a couple of those memes, I don't usually get exposed to them though.
That was around here a very long time ago.
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I remember posting that around mid last year and people told me it was old...
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i thought it was a pretty good episode. i thought that maybe they would add something about chocolate rain teaming with doctor pepper, that guy was the only viral video star that got any money, though he had to "work" for it.
I posted in another forum:

Ah the World Canadian Bureau = the WGA!!!! EVEN THO IF DUZENT AXULY ABREVIATE ...how subtle!!!


Lame episode fill with libertarian hogwash, like most political episodes in the last few years - the only thing it was missing was a giant RON PAUL 08 after the credits. Reality is that the TV producers ARE making money from internet downloads, and the 'untested medium' crap which Matt and Trey regurgitated via the 'what I learned today' thing can't be the ground to flat out deny writers money for their labour.

Like Jon Stewart said, it's like the producers of McDonald's food not getting paid if their products are bought through the drive-through instead of in store.

The youtube jokes were mostly unfunny, the only exception being the gopher thing exploding brains. Pretty much no character interaction between the boys either.

Last weeks episode was MUCH funnier
what what, in the butt?!
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