Firstly yes, I know what this may not be the first choice of what most people on here would listen to, but it is the only song I could think of that has a good example of what I want to ask about.


Can anybody tell me what actually happens in music theory terms at 2:16 which makes it sound quite emotional/strong or whatever. I can't really explain it, but you will know what I mean when you hear it.

I am assuming it is going from a major to a minor or something like that. I know as it goes into the chorus after the bridge there is a key change but yeah, 2:16 is the bit that interests me.

If anyone has any knowledge of what happens it would be cool.

Key change. It's going up a tone I think. They mainly do this in more vocal songs (not Blink 182), since instrumentals tend to stick to a scale which it either major or minor.

So, Blink 182, now these guys... hmm, interesting. They're not too bad though I guess.

You may have a better guitar than me, but I know more theory.

EDIT: Wait, what the hell... you've mentioned S Club 7 in two posts...

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