I wrote this song ages back and forgot to post it.
It's Melodic Metal, and one of my favourite songs that I've written.

Just opinions on what's good/bad about the song I guess.


And If you link me, I will crit ^^

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I like the intro but the drums could use more base drum lol... Other wise the drums were alright... The riffs u used were great lol. My favorite part is at 45-60. Solo was great. Other than the drums in the intro i wud give u an 8.9/10. Great song keep it up. Now listen to my messy piece lol. c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=823979
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Intro was really good!
Harmonys in bar 9 are especially cool.

Bar 19 - 26ish is a very nice riff,
I like the use of sort of Beatdowns all the way through.

Now, 27 a chorus? Very cool, a good contrast to the really heavy bits.

45, is that a reintro I hear? Very nice, Good use of strings!

Now the tempo change seemed very smooth, and I again, good beatdown-y bit, with strings and then the lead

Now some brutalageXriffage, the main beatdown I geuss.

The solo was very cool, nice harmonys!
Also very good chord useage.

After the solo, with the strings was cool, and the speed up!
Also, a very cool metalcore style riff there! Very Parkway Drive.

Back to original tempo, very good riff there!

I like the way you used the Intro and the Outro!

Not much to improve on here, maybe go over the drumming, some of it seemed 'off' to me.

Good job though, 9/10!

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Wow, that was a pretty good melodic song. I love melodic songs, they're great

nothing bad with the song itself, i reckon with real instruments, the doulbe bass going along with the rythm would sound awesome. Id love to hear this with real instruments, would be insanely cool.
Bars 27-34, i love the strings.

I love the main riff, sounds very In flames-y, dunno why, just reminds me of In flames' more melodic songs. And as Valo said, it does sound abit like the Main riff to In flames - My sweet shadow.

The break down was brilliant, would sound like a normal metalcore breakdown if it wasnt for the strings packin that melodic punch , the lead was awesome to.
Have to say the solo sounded very creep, but very cool.I loved ars 102 -113, sounded very cool after that solo, also the fats bit was amazing.

All in all this is one of the best songs iv seen on here. Well done. You're the first person i gave a 10/10 to.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=826390 <<< Be great if you could crit
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I dont really enjoy stop start chugga metalcore... But some of the rhythms in this reminded me of Meshuggah's stuff.

The melodies were all really good, and the keyboard leads are really cool. The solo section is freaking awesome, and at the end there's some really good use of dissonance. The solo overall makes it very tense/uneasy, which is cool.

The one straight up riff is also really cool.

I just dont enjoy the stop start metalcore vibe I got from parts of it.
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This was very good. The chuggy metalcore rhythms worked well, and weren't really overdone. I loved the lead section at bar 70 (even if it did sound like Chocolate Rain ), very nice solos as well, excellent atmosphere from them, though I think the shift in drums sounded quite awkward, and to make the dissonant atmosphere of the solo work the drums shouldn't change so drastically. The ending was great as well, the return to the intro riff made it more plausible so that worked out well.

My only real problem with it was the tempo throughout most of it, I felt 101bpm was too slow (for the parts that were 101bpm that is), try something more around the 110bpm mark as it drags a little at 101.
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Awesome. I think it sounded much like it would if Darkest Hour, Children of Bodom, and In Flames had some sort of illegitimate mutant baby that rocked this much face. I do tire a bit from some of the keyboard licks since i think that ambient feeling you get from them is a bit overpowering at points in this song, but the intro is awesome and so is the solo. overall I'd give it a 9/10
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