What is this guitar that Billy Corgan is playing in several pictures I found on the internets? Looks pretty good, imo.

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I hate to say it, but chances are the only thing good about that amp is the fact that the name looks a lot like the word "laser"...

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i think its a schecter c-1
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Quote by acdcfan1556
looks sort of like a schecter


Headstock looks the same
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I was gonna swear blind that it was an Ibanez SZ... with changed pups
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well there are only three true people alive today who are actually possesed by satan

Dakota Fanning, the kfc general dude, and my neighbor and all of them dont have much musical ability
Its a c-1 blackjack with creme binding.
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Quote by Joycey
I was gonna swear blind that it was an Ibanez SZ... with changed pups

They look basically the same except for the headstock. That's the giveaway.