Hi guys

Im currently playing on a $200 Squier strat and when trying to play riffs like Michael Angelo it just cant cut it. Do I suck or is the guitar holding me back? im thinking of upgrading the pickups is that possible? possibly to DiMarzio Super 3 would this make things better? im trying to improve the tone and sound without buying a new guitar.


Stick with the squire and don't do it just save up for a guitar and upgrade that IF needed.
5 years and u still use a squier strat?!?!?!
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I used my Squier Strat for 4 years. Great guitar to learn on.

I often questioned upgrading it, but I bought an RG1570 Ibanez and am so glad I did.

When I pick up my Squier again it just feels horrible compared to the Ibanez, not to mention it sounds a lot worse.

I'd definitely recommend getting a new guitar. People will say AMP FIRST ZOMG but having a nice guitar will allow you to get the most out of amps that you'll undoubtedly be looking at soon. My Squier sounded like balls through any amp I tried.
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dude, first of all, what amp have u got? what power? if its a 10 watt u might want to upgrade that, also. 5 yrs is an adequate amount of time. so upgrade ur guitar. if u can afford it, go for a more expensive model, they are usually that expensive for a reason. they use good wood, good pick ups and are well internated. also, u could also get an equalizer pedal or a compression sustainer, it will clean up ur sound
well if your learning MABs songs, then you must have amassed some serious skills in those five years--Its time for a new tube amp and a new guitar.

If your as good as you claim, and serious about playing, then definitely start looking at some tube amps, and a new guitar.

What styles do you play mostly, whose tones do you like the most? If we know that we can help you with your selections.
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I mostly play alot of 80's ROCK. I love screaming 80's rock guitar tones with plenty of sustain. Something like a Van Halen, Dragonforcey tone
also how much money could you spend on the guitar and amp.
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Get a new guitar then shop around for an amp. You can always mod the squire later when it wont matter if its apart for a while.